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Welcome to Fliplip.  I used to talk alot of trash and my mother told me I had a 'flip-lip' and now that has spilled over into my passion which is story writing, screenplay and comedy.  This is an interactive site as I would very much appreciate your feedback and thoughtful insites on my novels and other work that will eventually make its' way on to the site.   My first one entitled, "Everything in Time".   As my breakout novel this story touches me personally but I am sure there are parts in there everyone can relate to at one time or another.  You can check out a few pages of it below on my BookBuzzer.  Also, my next novel, "Black Coffee, No Tea....Who told you, you were a strong black woman?" has a tab that I would love to hear why you feel that you are a strong black woman or what you feel a strong black woman is.  I simply ask that all comments be kept clean from profanity and stays focus on the present subject. 

Thank you, LR McGhee

"Everything in Time" by LR McGhee

Everything in Time” is an urban Cinderella story. But, for Sydni Talbert an ugly black girl with weird green eyes and wild sandy hair, her fairy godmother never shows up.

 Desperate for approval from her critical, negative parents, Sydni Talbert is on a mission to become successful and to marry a “Contract Man”. With her sights set on her college sweetheart turned pro athlete, Sydni finds herself abandoned, raped and involved in a murder case and what’s worse, she’s pregnant-with twins! That’s when the real drama begins. Refusing to play the hand life has dealt her, Sydni reshuffles the deck and with an open hand slap, she hits her haters hard with reality, while holding on tight to her trump card until…

Look for Black Coffee, No Tea late '09!!!!